Charities and Community Organisations

Based in a rural area we know the important role Charities and Community Organisations play in the local area. Many of the team at Southgates are involved on a voluntary basis in community groups and so they have a hands on understanding of the needs of such organisations. We are in an ideal position to provide you with expert advice in terms of compliance with the Charities Act and the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

With our experience we can provide the trustees and members with specialist advice and support on charitable accounting and reporting. We will also use our Audit expertise when required by the Charities Act or external funders to support the vital work these organisations perform.The financial controls must be of a high standard especially when dealing with public money. Our role will help reassure those providers that the funds are being used are for the benefit of the community they were intended for.

As part of our Charities Service we can provide the following support.

We are more than aware that all Charities and community organisations are different and each have individual needs so for further information on Southgates Charity service and to benefit from a free initial meeting please contact us.