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Home working Tips on How You Can Cope and Keep Going

• Plan your Day – Treat the working week as a “normal” week in the office. Get up and go and work, have lunch breaks and pack up at the end of the day. It is easy to keep going when you work remotely and regular breaks and finishing on time will help ensure you keep healthy.

• Have a Dedicated Working Space – Set up a place to work where it is free from distraction and is quiet.

• Go Outside – So long as we remain away from other people, getting some fresh air will improve your health and also is a great way to get away from your desk.

• Remember to Eat and Drink – Make sure you stop and eat lunch each day and keep hydrated throughout the day.

• Distractions – There will be distractions and if you have children and/or pets in the house this can cause you to have to stop work. Therefore be flexible and work around these. If you need to take a break for an hour to play a game with the children then work a for an hour later in the day or early the next day.

• Talk to Others – If you have a bad day or you are worried then call someone. Do not bottle it up as you will find many feel he same way as you. Set up regular calls with friends and family and be there for each other.

One last piece of advice is please do not panic. We are all in this together and the support within the community is exceptional so do not bottle up any worries – you will find many of us feel the same as you. Contact others on social media, text or call but keep the communication going and keep supporting one another , just do not suffer alone.

Stay safe

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