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Reducing the Child Benefit Tax Charge

You may have received a letter from the Taxman about the high income child benefit charge (HICBC) Read More...

Avoid Property Trading Tax
Some people regularly purchase run-down houses, do them up and sell them on. If you do this as part of your building/property development business, the profits made on the sale of the properties may Read More...
VAT on Exports
The internet has enabled many small businesses to sell internationally, but exporting goods and services can create VAT difficulties. Read More...
NIC Refunds for Vocational Training
Does your business engage self-employed teachers, lecturers or vocational instructors, or are you such a self-employed teacher or instructor? The NI contribution regulations were changed from Read More...
November Question and Answer Section
Q. My business needs to move to smaller cheaper premises, but my current landlord wants me to pay a fee to surrender the property lease earlier than the next break point. Can I claim that lease-surrender payment as a business expense? Read More...
November Key Tax Dates
2 - Last day for car change notifications in the quarter to 5 October - Use P46 Car Read More...
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